6 Reasons Why Gopal Bhar May Hit the Jackpot

The Bengali television industry was abuzz with rumours that a new serial on Gopal Bhar would be soon aired. The rumours have now come true with the promos of the serial being aired on Star Jalsha HD and the channel finally releasing the trailer.

Here’s why the serial is likely to be a hit and could usher in a change in Bengali television programming.

1. Trailer

'Gopal Bhar' ascche Star Jalsha e

'Gopal Bhar' ascche Star Jalsha e#GopalBhar #StarJalsha #Bengali #Comedy

Posted by Star Jalsha on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

From the first look, the serial seems to be different from the typical kitchen politics oriented content that’s currently the fodder of most television serials. Bengali television programming flits between game shows and bedroom-boardroom sagas that stretch mindlessly over the years. On that count, the Gopal Bhar trailer promises to tread an alternative path.

2. Content

Gopal BharImage: YouTube

According to industry sources, the new serial on the legendary 18th century court jester believed to have served the court of Raja Krishnachandra in Nadia, won’t merely concentrate on the popular skits that goes around in his name. The serial paints a picture of the socio-cultural setup in medieval Bengal, how a young and intelligent Gopal battles poverty, and how he finally rises above social oppression to make a name for himself. This, reportedly, will be the crux of the serial.

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3. Writing

Gopal BharImage: YouTube

Sahana Dutta, one of the most successful writers in the Bengali television industry today, is in charge of research and writing the script of Gopal Bhar. Sahana has penned several megahit serials like Goyenda Ginni, Bhutu, Potol Kumar Gaanwala, and Raage Anuraage. Sources in Star Jalsha said that they are largely certain about the new serial’s success.

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