6 Reasons Why Gopal Bhar May Hit the Jackpot

4. Kid stuff

Gopal BharImage: YouTube

While the writing team is uncertain how the plot will progress, at least in the first year, the audience will get to see children taking the centre stage of a primetime Bengali serial. Most television serials have adults playing the lead with the plot concentrating on complicated relationships. Gopal Bhar would be a breath of fresh air in this regard, even if the serial takes a time leap after a year.

5. Direction

Gopal Bhar

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While the writer calls all the shots in the Indian television industry, the director plays an important role in case of children’s content. Gopal Bhar will be directed Swarnendu Samaddar who has several hit serials to his credit. He has already won a best director’s award for Potol Kumar Gaanwala. Gopal Bhar is presumably in safe hands.

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6. Raktim

Gopal Bhar

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Child actor Raktim Samanta, who is seen in non-fiction programmes mostly in special appearances courtesy his looks, will play the young Gopal in the serial. He is already quite popular with the audience. This is Raktim’s first major starring role and a big challenge for him. But with a competent writer-director duo to guide him, the actor is all set to emerge with flying colours.

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