Major Twist Coming Up in Joyee

RBN Web Desk: Bengali TV serial Joyee, ever since its first broadcast in October 2017, has been a consistent performer on the television rating point (TRP) charts. The serial is about an orphaned village girl who wants to be a footballer. But she is married to a rather conservative family which opposes her ambitions. Debadrita Basu plays the title role Joyee in the serial.

According to sources, the audience will be up for a major twist in the story this week. Joyee will fall victim to a big conspiracy by Sukumar. She will be locked inside a godown and Sukumar will set fire to it. However, her body won’t be found at the scene, and neither will she return home.

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Sukumar, meanwhile, will unleash torture on the members in Joyee’s family. At a time when Ribhu (played by Dibjyoti Dutta) is planning to spend the rest of his life holding on to his wife’s memories, Jessica will enter the scene, who looks strikingly similar to Joyee.

Jessica, like Joyee, is big football fan. Ribhu will meet Jessica at a coaching camp for underprivileged children which he will arrange. Ribhu is stunned by the similarity between his wife Joyee and Jessica, but has no clue regarding where she came from, sources added.

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The plot of the serial is expected to progress on these lines and will reveal what happened to Joyee after the fire at the godown and why she became completely untraceable.

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