Meet the Team

Our Presenters

gourab mukherjeeGourab • Ichhedana, Harano Sur

Have muscled my way into the team. Well, almost. An amateur boxer and a trained mixed martial artiste playing the harmonium and guitar with equal elan. Here is an IT professional, footballer, leg spin bowler, and a coin collector. Oh yes, also an actor, composer  and singer with more than 1k stage shows. Winner of two international awards for music direction and one national award for radio production.


Rubina • Gaan Doriya

Eat, sleep, repeat. That’s the mantra I live by. I believe sleep is the best solution to all problems. A quintessential adda fan (fanatic, rather) who likes to meet new people and strike a conversation, topic or no topic. Sold out on ilish. And sweets, of course, I never say no to it. Take me to a talkathon and a podium finish is guaranteed, if not the gold. Love to bring a smile with my words.



Souvik • Gaan Musafir, Kathay Kathay

Sold out on sweets, irresistible to the Bengal variety. The daal and aloo posto that my mom cooks up in a jiffy is an addiction. A regular participant in audio plays and story reading sessions. Making paper collage and meeting new people are on the same vein. A passionate reader, often seen with a book in hand. Home is where the heart is. Also a theatre activist and audiophile.


Soumi • Rong Berong

The bhaat ghum addict and a typical Bangali in every way. Music is my first calling and that includes both listening and singing. Give me a paintbrush and I’ll colour the canvas. A minor introvert. Prefer nature as a companion when dejection strikes. By no means a petuk but can’t keep my hands off from biriyani. Lover, not a gorger of mishti. The desire to know more about anything under the sun is my brain fodder.



Anamika • Popcorn, Kathay Kathay

A teacher, psycho-counsellor, and habitual reader of people. Loves to travel farther than dreams.  Mom’s chingri malaikari and bhapa ilish are my only addiction. Music, cooking, swimming, and gardening are all on the same page in my life. Elocutionist and performer in audio plays and live story reading sessions. Lata Mangeshkar is always on my earphone. Also an occasional capital markets trader.


Sushmita Pandit

Sushmita • Probashi Mon

Films, films, and more films. I swear by the 70mm. Love to read and travel distances. A wanderer in soul and a wanderlust by habit. Music runs in my blood and radio is my passion and life. Making people happy through a voice miles away, is easier said than done. But that’s what motivates me to search for stories—stories that are all around us. Love to meet people and learn languages.


kaushikKaushik • Globe-Trotting with Kaushik

A traveler by heart, a Pranic healer, speaker, trainer and a professional coach. Not a foodie by soul but can’t resist mutton biryani with some mutton chaap. Intent to visit 100 out of 196 countries before reaching his sixties. Regrets not being a barman, a DJ or a rockstar. Firm believer in not taking life too seriously. A strong 8H advocate: hard work, honesty, humility, humaneness, hobbies, hope, health and holiday


Mily Basu

Milly • Panchmeshali

A treasury executive by profession and a traveller, hiker, and singer by passion. I believe there’s much more to life than balancing numbers. A giggle face, hyperactive, 24×7 talkathon radio at home. Editor of ‘Chalti Hawa’, UK’s first published Bengali Sarodiya Patrika. While Germany is my home, I am unabashedly in love with Bengali, my mother tongue. Kolkata and music are oxygen to me.


The Man-Machine 

manik mondalManik Mondal
Production Manager

Or the the one with the scissors. He cuts, pastes, and joins. All shows are a non-show without his handiwork. The technical troubleshooter. A shutterbug by passion. Holds his love for music close to his heart. Smiles first, talks later. Steps into the wandering shoes and embraces nature at will. His bike is his soulmate.


And the Unpresentables


Gopal Naskar

Office Assistant

The go-to man for all seasons and all reasons. Need a quickfire solution to a problem? Trust him to have one up his sleeves. A performer in his own right, Gopal is one of the most important cogs in the wheel of RadioBanglaNet. Whips up tea in less than a minute. Also follows his passion for shooting, with the lens that is, as and when he feels.



Travel freak, nature addict, music lover, and a dancer by passion. Crazy about wildlife when not hunting stories. Elocution and acting are my second calling. Hungry or not, always an over-zealous foodie. I am always chasing a story to be told and writing on anything that deserves attention.



Editor of a popular Bengali web-magazine. Writer, travel freak, nature addict, music lover, foody, crazy about hill stations and a dancer by passion. Burns the midnight oil to pen her prose. A published author contributing equally to the print and web. Can pen a story in a jiffy. Also a poetry enthusiast.


Station Manager

The quintessential bhadralok. The magnet of the entire unit. Have stuck long enough through thick and thin. Even annoying him is a waste of energy as he responds everything with a smile. Hunting for a century-old book? Drop him a hint and he comes up with the whereabouts. Voracious reader. Reads anything from novels to pamphlets.


Prabuddha NeogiPrabuddha

The foul-mouthed grammar Nazi with an electric temper and a sardonic sense of humour. Foodie, lazy, bookworm, and internet junkie. All in that order. Loves to floor the accelerator. Mad about the Himalayas and its trekking trails. Forester in past life. An avid swimmer. Feet firmly on ground. Prefers to call a spade a spade.


Mitu BidichandaniMitu

Nothing in print or electronic surprises her. A media house owner and entrepreneur, she is fondly called Mitudi by the rest of the team. A pat on the back and you know she has arrived. An actress in her own right, Mitudi is one of the chief financiers backing the complex RadioBanglaNet operations. Work hard, party harder, is her mantra.


Manik Dey Manik Dey
Founder Director

The serial IT entrepreneur settled in the UK. His passion for music led him to team with Surojoy and set up RadioBanglaNet. A die-hard football fan, he loves to tee off on the golf course. Switches between Mozart and Rabindranath with effortless ease. Mostly found skyborne crisscrossing continents.


Founder Director

HR professional, entrepreneur, crooner, cook. Straddling roles across sectors. Scales heights and builds bridges. A firm grip on the scheme of things. Shuttles between London and Kolkata. Scours talents to plug in the holes. Film buff. RadioBanglaNet has been his second family for the past eight years, often at the cost of the first.