Sudipar Rannaghar Likely to Return

Kolkata: Sudipa Chatterjee, who hosted the hugely popular cookery show Rannaghar on Zee Bangla, is likely to return on the small screen with a new programme on the same lines. The show was more commonly known as Sudipar Rannaghar and she quit the series on 10 March.

Rannaghar was the third-longest running show on Indian television, having been broadcast for more than 13 years, and she emerged as one of the most recognisable faces to the Bengali audience. Several leading actors, actresses, businesspersons, and celebrities from various domains have been a part of her show all these years.

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The success of the show prompted her to open a chain of restaurants in the city.

According to reports, Sudipa was unceremoniously dropped from the show by the channel authorities without informing her, and a new host was roped in as a replacement.

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But now, if industry sources are to be believed, Sudipa is likely to return with her signature cookery show on Star Jalsha. The show may have a different name this time. The terms of agreement between Sudipa and the new channel, are currently being worked out, sources added.

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