9 Lesser Known Bollywood Affairs

Apart from their films, Bollywood stars also hog the limelight, courtesy their relationships. While some affairs become the stuff of legend over time, many others are clandestine and do not come out in the open. The dramatis personae involved in these relationships, largely choose to remain silent, or are noncommittal. Here are some lesser known Bollywood affairs that may just up your knowledge about the ultimate dream factory. Most of them, not surprisingly, dumped their partners after becoming famous.

1. Deepika Padukone-Nihaar Pandya

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Deepika Padukone dated model Nihaar Pandya before Om Shanti Om (2007) made her an overnight star. The duo first met at some acting school and later featured in two separate songs of the Himesh Reshammiya album Aaap Kaa Surroor. After parting ways, she started dating actor Ranbir Kapoor. In a recent interview, Nihaar admitted that the two are still in touch but as friends.

2. Ranbir Kapoor-Avantika Malik

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In one of the least known Bollywood affairs, the Barfi! star’s first crush was Avantika Malik. Ranbir Kapoor even visited the sets of popular TV serial Just Mohabbat, where Avantika played a major role. But the affair did not last long and they soon parted ways. Avantika went on to marry actor Imran Khan, whereas Ranbir followed with a string of affairs.

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3. Priyanka Chopra-Aseem Merchant

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Before she shot to stardom, Priyanka Chopra dated model and actor Aseem Merchant. Priyanka reportedly broke off with him after she won the Miss World crown in 2000. Aseem’s acting career, on the other hand, never too off. He married, was divorced, and now lives with his daughter. Priyanka and Aseem were in the news sometime back when the latter announced that he plans to make a film on her life. An infuriated Priyanka shot Aseem a legal notice.

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