Bappi Lahiri Hits Out at Songwriters

RBN Web Desk: While many people have hailed music directors for successfully recreating old classics to churn out hits in recent years, many senior composers have pointed out at the creative bankruptcy that’s slowly gripping the music industry again. Bappi Lahiri, popularly known as the Disco King of Bollywood, believes that those involved with making music today should seriously enhance their skills.

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Speaking to the media recently, Bappi Lahiri said, film music today are much like one-day cricket. They release, rise up the popularity charts, but soon fade away form people’s minds. It’s all over within a few days, he said, holding today’s songwriters responsible for the short shelf value of songs these days. It’s because of inept songwriters that composers are banking on the nostalgia value of yesteryear’s songs, and nothing new is coming up, he said.

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Bappi Lahiri rued that very few songs these days have meaningful words. Their recall value is very poor. He, however, acknowledged that singers like Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Ankit Tiwari and others have their signature styles of singing which is very good. But most songs, Bappi Lahiri said, are suffering because of their weak lyrics.

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