Nude, S Durga Dropped from IFFI

RBN Web Desk: Audiences hoping to catch Nude, directed by Ravi Jadav, and Sexy Durga (rechristened as S Durga), directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at Goa later this month, would now have to watch their replacements as selected by the ministry of information and broadcasting.

Nude (Marathi) and S Durga (Malayalam) were part of the 26 feature films chosen by the 13-member IFFI jury for the Indian Panorama section.

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Nude is about an woman who struggles for survival in Mumbai, working as a nude model. It was the unanimous choice of the jury as the festival’s opening film for Indian Panorama. However, the final list of films released by Smriti Irani’s ministry on 11 November, did not contain the two films. According to a statement from the ministry, the section will now open with Pihu, a Hindi film directed by Vinod Kapri.

The decision to drop the two films, it has been learnt, was taken by the ministry sans consulting the jury. Most of the jury members are infuriated at the ministry’s decision. According to sources, the jury was aware that under the present circumstances, Nude may not have passed muster despite being aesthetically made. They had informed the ministry that should this happen, the reason for dropping the film should be explained to them and choosing an alternative was entirely their prerogative.

The ministry, however, conveyed its decision to the jury via an email.

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Sasidharan, meanwhile, minced no words in expressing his displeasure over the ministry’s decision. I make films for my audience, and not the government, he said.

What has surprised the jury and the two directors is that the films were dropped from the final list going by their names which the ministry seemingly found objectionable. None from the ministry cared to watch the two films before removing them from the final list.

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