Srijit, Riingo Zero in on Common Subject

RBN Web Desk: Directors Srijit Mukherji and Riingo Banerjee are all set to make respective films on the same subject. While Srijit’s film will have either Manoj Bajpayee or Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the main protagonist, Riingo has roped in Shiney Ahuja to play the lead. Both films will be made in Hindi.

Srijit, earlier this month, announced a film on senior citizens from villages around the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve allegedly being sent to the forest so that they would be killed by the big cats and their families could claim compensation. According to government rules, villagers are entitled to compensation if any of their family members die from a tiger attack. There were a string of fatal tiger attacks in Pilibhit in 2016-17 and Uttar Pradesh forest department officials sniffed a foul play in this regard.

Srijit registered the name of his film ‘Sher Dil’ two years back. The film is about Gangaram, a village chief, who volunteers to become a tiger prey to save his poverty-stricken family from starvation. What happens next, forms the crux of the film.

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The bizarre reason behind the Pilibhit tiger attacks were first reported in a leading national daily in July 2017.

Now Riingo, who recently made the popular web-series ‘The Senapatis’, is also about to make a film on the Pilibhit tiger attacks. Riingo’s film, titled ‘Blackgold’, has Shiney playing a reporter, who while travelling to Jalpaiguri in a bus, befriends a groom’s marriage party. The scribe strikes up a conversation with them which soon veers towards dowry. He gets to learn that since the marriage expenses are huge and unaffordable, village elders are often left in the forest to be mauled by tigers so that their families can claim the compensation. The bodies are later dumped in nearby fields. The reporter unearths an organised racket behind the tiger attacks.

Besides Shiney, Riingo’s film will also have Ashish Vidyarthi playing a village sarpanch and Subrat Dutta as his nephew. The film will be canned in and around the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Srijit, however, has claimed to the media that he has already spoken to Riingo. While both their films are based on a common subject, they will differ in treatment, Srijit said.

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