Rahul Alleges Wife of Extortion

RBN Web Desk: Close on the heels of Priyanka Sarkar moving court to seek a divorce from husband Rahul Banerjee, the latter has now raised allegations of extortion against the actress. Speaking to the media, Rahul said, Priyanka has moved court to extort money from him.

The Chirodini Tumi Je Amar actor denied Priyanka’s allegations of mental and physical torture and that he refused to pay for the school and other expenses of their son Sahaj. Rahul claimed, even six months back they were good friends and on close terms. Why is then Priyanka seeking a divorce after two years of living in separation, the actor questioned, adding that she has distorted facts and resorted to falsehood in her appeal before the court.

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According to Rahul, the couple had earlier moved a mutual divorce petition, which Priyanka has since withdrawn to file a case of contested divorce. In the mutual petition, the couple had agreed to share their son’s expenses equally, even while living in separation and that both sides would be able to meet Sahaj according to their convenient time. Rahul alleged that his wife prevented him from meeting Sahaj and now wants to extort money from him, adding that he is ready to pay for the expenses of the child as determined by the court. The actor wants everything to be settled legally.


Priyanka, according to Rahul, never wanted to stay with his parents after marriage. She even mentally tortured his mother, the actor claimed, adding that Priyanka wanted him to stay apart from his family since the actress herself had left home to marry Rahul. This was not possible under any circumstances, Rahul said, satisfied that the matter has now moved to the court.

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The actor, however, said that he is ready to take up all responsibilities of his son but won’t comment further since the matter is now sub-judice.

Priyanka, in her petition, alleged that Rahul has taken no responsibility of his wife and son since the last two years. The case will come up for hearing at the Alipore court in the first week of July.

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