Priyanka Sarkar Moves Court, Seeks Divorce

RBN Web Desk: Popular actress Priyanka Sarkar has moved court seeking a contested divorce from husband Rahul Banerjee. The couple was living in separation since the last few years but was not officially divorced to look after their son Sahaj. Priyanka has now alleged that Rahul has taken no responsibility of his wife and son since the last two years. The case will come up for hearing at the Alipore court in the first week of July.

Priyanka and Rahul played the lead in Raj Chakraborty’s 2008 film Chirodini Tumi Je Amar. The film was a major box office hit. The two were married in 2010. Priyanka’s parents reportedly opposed the marriage since she was only 20 at that time. But the actress, according to sources, ignored her parents and exchanged wedding vows with Rahul.

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Differences soon cropped up between the couple which worsened after their son was born in 2013. Priyanka alleged physical and mental torture against Rahul. She claimed Rahul was reluctant to admit their son to school in 2016 and didn’t pay the money required for admission.


The actress recently told the media that while Rahul has been visiting her house for the last two years to meet their son, he took no responsibility of her, and neither the child. Priyanka now wants to dissociate herself and Sahaj from Rahul, for the sake of her son’s future, the actress said.

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According to Priyanka, the only thing that Rahul has done in the last two years, was to play with their son. She tried to inform her husband about Sahaj’s study and other expenses. But Rahul never paid an ear to her demands. The last time she informed Rahul about their son’s expenses, the actor allegedly told her that he is not interested in their son and won’t be able to bear his expenses since he has no savings. Priyanka said, while Rahul visited their son on his birthday and other festivals, she failed to convince the actor about the responsibilities of a father.

Priyanka has ruled out any scope of reconciliation with her husband. On whether the matter could have been settled amicably without moving court, the actress said, Rahul wants the mudslinging and she is doing it in his way. He has severed all connections with their son, and she has no way out but to move court, Priyanka added.

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