Professor Shonku Film Not to Release this Winter

RBN Web Desk: Professor Shonku O El Dorado, the first film to feature the immensely popular eccentric fictional scientist created by author-filmmaker Satyajit Ray, will not release this winter. The film is being directed by Ray’s son Sandip.

Professor Shonku O El Dorado, which has veteran actor Dhritiman Chatterjee in the title role, was initially planned to hit the theatres around Christmas, which is usually the time when Sandip releases his films.

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A source close to the project, informed a leading English daily that shooting of the film is unlikely to start before June, as it involves massive preproduction work. That aside, there is a long outdoor schedule, and elaborate sets that have to be erected. These include both the sets for the mythical El Dorado town and Professor Shonku’s laboratory. The film also involves huge post-production work, and all that cannot be completed on time to release the film in December, the source added.

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