Jahnabi the Film Set for Back to Back Premieres

Kolkata: Jahnabi the Film, the debut directorial of independent filmmaker Anirban Dutta, is all set to have back to back premieres. The film has Jahnabi Mitra, Jagannath Mondal, and Ranadhir Biswas in the lead.

The film is based on the context of a woman and a river, where both go through different phases and emotions in life and irrespective of every situation, each of them fulfills the responsibilities of being a mother. Whether they are loved or betrayed, both are there to spread love and care. However standing at the present time, the society is largely indifferent to preserving its mothers.

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Speaking to RBN, Anirban said, “When I was planning my debut film, the subject struck me as the most appropriate, relevant, and powerful. The relationship between the river and human civilisation is prehistoric, and therein lies the roots of the parallel between the story of a woman and the journey of a river.”

The main protagonist of the film, Jahnabi, represents every woman in her loving, longing, abundance, and deprivation. Her moods, aspirations, disappointments, and silence, all find echo in the river as it runs its course.

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Anirban disclosed that he plans to send the film to various festivals. A theatrical release, he informed, is planned in June.

Background music for the film has been composed by Sushruta Goswami and Bhaswar Sen.

The back to back premieres will be held in the city on 22 December.

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