My Film is Not a Biopic on Goutam Ghosh: Kaushik Ganguly

RBN Web Desk: Director Kaushik Ganguly has clarified that his upcoming film Kishore Kumar Junior is not a biopic on Goutam Ghosh. Rather, it is inspired from some of the events in Ghosh’s life and the story of the film has been spun around it, Ganguly told the media recently.

Goutam Ghosh was a Kishore Kumar version singer who enjoyed huge popularity in the eighties and nineties. He was a regular performer in musical soirees in and around Kolkata and the districts, and has performed in many other Indian cities.

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Kaushik admitted that the idea of making the film stemmed from watching stage shows of Goutam Ghosh who was also his family friend. He disclosed the idea to Ghosh before planning the film. The singer, according to the director, was extremely excited about the subject and shared his experiences of performing the legendary artiste’s songs before a live audience. While the plot of the story is fictional, the incidents shown are common to the life and career of most version singers, Kaushik said.

The film has Prosenjit Chatterjee in the lead. Aparajita Adhya, Lama Haldar, and Rajesh Sharma play other major roles. Indraadip Dasgupta has composed the music.

Kishore Kumar Junior releases this Puja.

Image: Hindustan Times

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