Srijit to Adapt The Mahabharata Murders

RBN Web Desk: Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji is all set to enter the on-demand digital entertainment space with an adaptation of Arnab Ray’s popular novel The Mahabharata Murders. The project is currently at the scripting stage.

The web-series will follow a detective and her colleague on the trail of a serial killer, who believes himself to be a present-day reincarnation of Duryodhana and seeks to avenge the Kauravas, by killing modern-day Pandavas.

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The Mahabharata Murders, according to Srijit, follows an episodic structure and has graphic violent content. That’s why it’s more suitable as a web-series. The novel is divided into six chapters named after the five Pandavas and Draupadi. The adaptation is likely to have 12 parts, with each chapter being divided into two episodes, Srijit told a leading English daily.

The project is likely to roll later this year and will be canned in Kolkata. One sequence will be shot in Mumbai.

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Srijit plans to add animation to the murder sequences. The modus operandi of each murder is incredibly exciting, he said, adding that Arnab had sent him The Mahabharata Murders manuscript before it appeared on print.

Srijit had earlier directed the psychological thriller Baishe Srabon in 2011, his second film, which marked the return of filmmaker Goutam Ghose as an actor after a hiatus of nearly three decades.

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