Rajah Spices Celebrates Eight Decades of Bollywood Flavour

London: Rajah Spices brought together eight decades of Bollywood and the culinary delight of South Asian food at an event organised at Wembley Park on 23 March. The entire boulevard, in a unique celebration, was transformed into a film set straight out of a Bollywood song and dance sequence.

Here and Now 365 took Rajah Spices to the heart of the South Asian community in the city to celebrate Hindi films and South Asian food.

More than 50 performers from leading Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Davar’s London troupe descended on the boulevard. Rajah Spices filled the atmosphere with the authentic aromas of spicy popcorn to celebrate eight decades of Bollywood.

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Here and Now 365 managing director Manish Tiwari said, “Asians in UK have assimilated to the British way of life. But something magical transpires when they listen to Bollywood music. It almost strips off their identity to reveal a different side, just in the same way their mothers’ cooking brings them back to the very essence of being human. Culture and food bring out the joy of living. The event celebrated that with Rajah Spices charting its journey from the times of Alam Ara to present day Bollywood.”

Rajah Spices
People from all ages and nationalities were treated to a surprise medley of Bollywood and Rajah Spices. The event showcased how food, art and culture transcends all boundaries and brings out the city’s diversity. From children dancing with pure abandon, to the elderly shaking a leg with Shiamak’s troupe to mothers sampling their favourite spices, it was a Saturday like none other.

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