When Raj Warned of Poisonous Snakes in a Himalayan Forest

RBN Web Desk: Director Raj Chakraborty is back doing what he does best, make films, and he is currently in Arunachal Pradesh to shoot his next film Adventures of Jojo. As the name suggests, the film is a children’s adventure story, set in the Himalayan forests.

The director recently shared a picture of his crew carrying film equipment across the forests and mountainous rivers in Arunachal on social media, and asked the unit to be on guard from poisonous snakes.

Adventures of Jojo marks the big screen debut of Joshojit Banerjee, son of popular actor and reality show winner Joyjit Banerjee, in the title role. National Award winning actor Samiul Alam plays Jojo’s friend Shibu in the film. Samiul won the award for his performance in Sahaj Paather Goppo (2017) which was directed by Mana Mukul Pal and earned critical acclaim.

Popular actor Rudranil Ghosh is playing the main antagonist Munna Hazari in the film. Munna is a tiger poacher and is after a big cat named Chengis. The narrative of the film is about how Jojo and Shibu foil the sinister plans of Munna to cage the tiger.

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Raj had initially planned to make a children’s film based on author Leela Majumdar’s story Tong Ling. The project didn’t take off because of copyright retention issues and the Chaamp director decided to go ahead with the current project. Joshojit was supposed to debut with Tong Ling.

Adventures of Jojo is slated to release this winter.

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