Priyanka Chopra Takes a Dig at Male Colleagues

RBN Web Desk: Bollywood actress and producer Priyanka Chopra is never short of sarcasm when voicing her thoughts. She never minces words and her dark comments on various issues have invited both praise and anger on the social media in equal measure.

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The Quantico actress was at it again, when she said that she was happy to be at par with her male colleagues, after being selected as the only woman among the top 10 in the Forbes Indian Celebrity 100 list.

Speaking at an UNICEF event in Delhi today, Priyanka Chopra said, there’s less action and more talk regarding gender equality in the country. The overuse of the words ‘feminism and women empowerment’, have reduced their importance, she added.

Movement has been very nominal, the 35-year old actress said, adding that India as a country has to do more. Girls are still considered secondary citizen and face prejudice everywhere.

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The younger generation is much more aware of the state of things, and never shy from protesting and raising their voices against injustice, the former Miss World said.

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