Manoj Mitra Theatre Sets and Props Moved Out

Kolkata: Sets and props belonging to veteran thespian Manoj Mitra’s theatre group Sundaram were moved out from a south Kolkata house yesterday afternoon following a court order. The incident has come as a shock to the city’s theatre fraternity.

It has been learnt that Manoj Mitra had rented a room in a house on Jatin Das Road to conduct rehearsals of Sundaram. The owner of the house alleged that Mitra had not paid the rent for the room for the past few years but still occupied the premises. Rehearsals of the group, the owner said, had stopped long time back.

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The house owner appealed to the Calcutta High Court to ask the actor vacate the premises, and following an order in this regard, moved the sets and props out from the room.

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Theatre activists said that the incident could have been handled in a better way, given Mitra’s reputation, and his contribution to Bengal’s art and culture.

Mitra claimed that he had no idea of the court order.

Sundaram will hold a public meeting in front of the house later today to clarify its stand.

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