Kuasha Jakhon Actor to Play Shah Jahan

Kolkata: Kuasha Jakhon actor Rishav Basu, who makes his first major big screen appearance in the upcoming film directed by Abhishek Roy and Meenakshii, is all set to play Shah Jahan in a new production. This time, it’s the musical opera Kohinoor, in which Rishav will be see as the Mughal emperor.

Speaking to RBN, Rishav said, “Playing Shah Jahan is different from what I have done so far in theatre. Kohinoor is a musical with synchronised choreography. Pallavi Haldar, who plays the title role, is a fabulous dancer and I have to keep myself extremely fit to match her performance.”

According to the actor, he underwent rigorous training to prepare for his part, and researched on Shah Jahan to fit into the role.

Kohinoor is a Broadway-style musical that has been scripted and composed by vocalist Soumyojit Das and pianist Sourendro Mullick. It’s an ensemble of more than 100 performers and is choreographed by Sudarshan Chakraborty.

Rishav had a brief appearance in director Anik Dutta’s film Meghnad Badh Rahasya which released last year.

The opera will be staged in the city for the first time on 21 June.

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