Can’t Deny the Financial Security in Television: Vikram

RBN Web Desk: Actor Vikram Chatterjee has said that it’s difficult to ignore the financial security which one gets by working in television. That aside, it also helps actors like him to be selective about big screen projects, Vikram added.

Speaking to the media recently about his acting career, Vikram said, working in television has helped him to foot his bills and maintain a basic standard of living. He has to support his family and maintain a regular source of income to pay off the expenses. Moreover, actors can afford to be choosy about film roles if they know that their minimum earnings are ensured, he added.

Vikram debuted in television with Saat Paake Bandha which was broadcast in 2010-11. The serial was a huge hit and Vikram became a household name. He was a contestant in the first season of reality show Big Boss in 2013. Vikram has recently returned to play the lead in popular serial Phagu Bou.

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Vikram said, there’s no denying the fact that actors need to maintain a basic lifestyle. This includes a proper diet, going to the gym, and making oneself look presentable. Working in television, Vikram said, immensely helps in this regard.

The actor has played major roles in films like Shaheb Bibi Golaam (2016), Khoj (2017), and Meghnad Badh Rayasha (2017).


The 31-year old actor admitted that it’s difficult to survive on one or two television commercials in Mumbai, and one Bengali film a year. It was his conscious decision to keep working in television, vis-à-vis hunt for good roles in films, he added.

Vikram was earlier offered a key role in a Hindi serial by Star Plus. But he had already nodded to Star Jalsha’s offer for Ichche Nadi by then. Both channels, owned by the same group, decided that Vikram should be a part of the Bengali serial.

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The former banker is sharing screen space with Oindrila Sen in Phagun Bou, his first costar in Saat Paake Bandha. Oindrila used to scold him on the sets of Saat Paake Bandha and still does the same, Vikram recalled, adding that maybe she doesn’t realise that he has grown as an actor.


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