9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Battled Alcoholism

7. Mahesh Bhatt

Bollywood celebritiesImage: GQ India

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had a long history in alcoholism. But instead of falling a victim, he turned the situation around and made the film Daddy (1989), which was also his daughter Pooja Bhatt’s acting debut. Some of the most successful films that Mahesh Bhatt has produced or directed so far are based on his personal tragedies. His struggle to quit drinking has since found cinematic expression.

8. Manisha Koirala

Bollywood celebritiesImage: YouTube

A struggling personal life with several affairs and breakups, and a southwards career, prompted Manisha Koirala to take up drinking. This Nepali beauty was one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities during her salad days. She soon became pity of the paparazzi. Once a heavy smoker, Manisha kicked the butt and quit drinking before she was diagnosed with cancer. Her recovery from the disease is well known and she is now done with all the vices. Manisha has spoken on how to deal with cancer at various programmes in home and abroad.

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9. Arjun Rampal

Bollywood celebritiesImage: Hindustan Times

The last among the nineties supermodel, Arjun Rampal has had a fairly successful Bollywood career. The brand ambassador of Chivas, Arjun hit with the bottle at the age of 21, quite late by reasonable standards to start drinking. He was training to become an athlete, and modelling and acting came much later. What started as casual drinking soon turned to an addiction. The actor has been quite open about the troubles he faced while dealing with his addiction. Arjun Rampal has since managed to lessen alcohol consumption and now only drinks socially.

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