Now Soumitra and Sabyasachi Chakraborty on a Treasure Hunt

RBN Web Desk: Treasure hunt films seem to be the current flavour of Bengali directors. After Sayantan Ghosal’s Alinagarer Golokdhadha and debutant director Dhrubo Banerjee’s Guptodhoner Sondhane, another adventure heist film, featuring Soumitra Chatterjee and Sabyasachi Chakraborty in the lead, is likely to hit the theatres later this year.

All the three films have historians as the central characters, perhaps an indirect inspiration from Benjamin Franklin Gates, the popular historian and amateur cryptologist who appear in the hugely popular National Treasure franchise. Academy Award winning actor Nicholas Cage plays Gates in the series.

Soumitra and Sabyasachi have been roped in by director Santanu Basu to play professors of history in his film Kolkatay Kohinoor. The two actors will unravel a mystery on whether the real Kohinoor is in Kolkata or has a connection with the city.

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According to popular belief, Kohinoor, which is currently a part of the British Crown Jewels, is not the original diamond. The one is England, and the Kohinoor that was allegedly first stolen from the Kakatiya family in Warangal, is believed to differ in weight.

Santanu’s film will reveal several unknown facts about the diamond. The story will have a major twist in the end where the audience will get to know where the real diamond is. The film will be shot in and around Kolkata and particularly in the Indian Museum.

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The Kohinoor, interestingly, has never been bought or sold. It has exchanged hands from one ruler to another before finding its place in the Tower of London.

Indrani Dutta, Barun Chanda, and Debdut Ghosh will play other key roles in the film.

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