Nicole Wellwood in Kolkata to Attend Uma Premiere

RBN Web Desk: Nicole Wellwood, mother of Evan Leversage on whose real-life events Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming film Uma is based, has arrived in Kolkata to attend the film’s premiere. She is accompanied by Evan’s aunt Ashley Agar.

Evan was a resident of St George, Ontario, and was detected of an inoperable brain tumour. He didn’t have much time to live and the seven-year old boy prepared a bucket list of things for the days he was alive. One last Christmas topped the list. Since the doctors feared that he is unlikely to live until 25 December, the citizens of Evan’s hometown, in a remarkable act of solidarity, decorated the entire town Christmas-style on 24 October.

Srijit, earlier today, tweeted a picture of him with Nicole and Ashley. Srijit said, “Nicole Wellwood, Evan’s mother and Ashley Agar, Evan’s aunt, are here to celebrate the undying spirit of Evan, St. George and the city of Kolkata through #Uma!”

Winged Tourists in My City

In the film, Uma is detected of a terminal ailment and wants to witness Durga Puja in Kolkata, long before the usual time in September-October. Her father goes all out to fulfil his daughter’s wish and hires an out of work filmmaker to forge the festival in the city.

Uma is one of most anticipated films of the year and releases this Friday.

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