Mrinal Sen’s Probable Last Note Goes Viral

RBN Web Desk: A probable last note, written by filmmaker Mrinal Sen who passed away on 30 December last year, has gone viral on the internet. Sen was one of the most acclaimed film directors in Asia who along with auteur Satyajit Ray put Indian cinema on the global map.

The note was recovered by the filmmaker’s son Kunal who posted it on social media. Sen seems to have scribbled the line in his later days in sketchy handwriting. It reads, ‘Tumi Kemon Achho? Ami Bhalo Nei,’ which translates to, ‘Are you happy? I am not.”

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The line is being widely speculated in the media to have been addressed to his wife Gita Sen, a reputed actress who played major roles in a number of his films. She was a longtime companion of the filmmaker and one of the most influential persons in his life. She also worked in Ritwik Ghatak’s Nagarik (1952) and in Shyam Benegal’s Arohan (1982).

বাবা মারা যাবার পর তাঁর টেবিল ঘাঁটতে গিয়ে একটা খাতা নজরে এলো. এক লাইন লেখা. কবে লিখেছিলেন তা সঠিক জানা নেই, তবে শেষ…

Gepostet von Kunal Sen am Sonntag, 20. Januar 2019

Kunal wrote in the social media post, “We will never know to whom my father wrote the lines. It’s a matter of regret that a person who was busy his entire life in making films, and talking and writing on cinema, had to spend the last days in alienation.”

Gita Sen died on 16 January 2017. The filmmaker, since then, became more recluse and hardly ventured outside his south Kolkata home.

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