Midweek Raw Deal, Soukarya Determined to Bounce Back

RBN Web Desk: Rainbow Jelly director Soukarya Ghosal has expressed firm determination to bounce back after his film was pulled out midweek from a leading multiplex chain in Kolkata. Rainbow Jelly released on 25 May.

The film which has Mahabrata Basu, Anumegha Banerjee, Sreelekha Mitra, Kaushik Sen, and Shantilal Mukherjee in the lead, had four shows in two different multiplex chains on 1 June. But one of the chains stopped exhibiting the film midweek which is usually not the convention once the shows for the week are declared.

Rainbow Jelly now has one daily show running at a multiplex on Prince Anwar Shah Road and on the EM Bypass.

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According to Soukarya, his film has performed really well at the box office, with near-houseful shows being recorded over the weekend. All four shows at the beginning of the second week ran before packed houses. That aside, the film has recorded more than 80 percent occupancy even on weekdays, he added.

Rainbow Jelly has fulfilled all the criteria that are required to increase the number of shows, Soukarya told the media, as the director promised to bounce back next week from the raw deal he has suffered. He is hopeful to get more screens in the following week.

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Self-funded and made on a shoestring budget, Rainbow Jelly has been widely praised by the critics, with industry seniors supporting the food fantasy film on social media.

Rainbow Jelly, meanwhile, will be shown in Bengaluru on 10 June.

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One thought on “Midweek Raw Deal, Soukarya Determined to Bounce Back

  • The fate of indie Bengali films with no backers on distribution front is unchanged. Phoring, Bakita Byaktigato, Rainbow Jelly….the story goes on. I feel it’s time we, the audience, became demanding with exhibitors and expressed our annoyance on social media and other communication platforms (tagging them wherever possible) to create a pressure to screen such films.


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