Future Uncertain, Priya Cinema Mulls Other Options

Kolkata: With the future uncertain following the fire that broke out in its premises on the night of 5 August, Priya Cinema, one of the most prominent single screen theatres in eastern India, is mulling other options to stay in business. Film screenings at the theatre has been suspended since after the fire.

Priya Cinema owner Arijit Dutta told the media that they implemented all the necessary changes as recommended by the fire department. But the authorities are yet to carry out an inspection, despite informing them in this regard on 9 September, he added.

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Arijit claimed, even when the theatre is not running, he has to foot a monthly electricity bill of about ₹2 lakhs. There has been no income from the hall since the fire. Staff salaries for September are due along with their Puja bonus. Single screen theatres, he said, do not earn as much as their multiplex counterparts.

Under such circumstances, there have been several rounds of talks within the Dutta family, on whether to continue film screenings in the theatre at all.

Arijit said that while his family prefers to continue Priya Cinema as a theatre, he may have to put up the 45,000sqft property for rent, for other programmes and events to meet the running expenses.

Image: Ei Samay

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