Food on a Conveyor Belt at this Kolkata Restaurant

Kolkata: Ever fancied eating out at a restaurant where the food is served on a conveyor belt? Aajisai, at Quest Mall, has done just that. The Kolkata restaurant, offering signature Japanese cuisine, has introduced the first ever kaitenzushi in the city which literally means rotation sushi or the sushi-go-round.

At Aajisai, the sushi rotates on a conveyor belt for the customers to pick and choose from among vegetarian (labelled green) and non-vegetarian (labelled red) dishes. The cuisine is served in a delivery tray which automatically goes to a customer’s table and a recorded voice asks to pick up the desired platter. Once the food is delivered, it goes back to the kitchen.

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Besides the sushi and sashimi, the fine dining restaurant also serves what is known as teppanyaki in Japan. It’s a style of cooking where the food is cooked on an iron griddle. Live teppanyaki counters are a delight to watch and one can enjoy looking at the food being prepared.

There’s a set menu for the teppanyaki section in Aajisai. The variants include beef (Japanese, Indian, and Australian), pork (Indian and Austrian), chicken, seafood (salmon and prawn), tofu, and asparagus. That aside, there’s an exhaustive assortment of salads, soups, fried rice and a wide.

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The beverage section serves exquisite Japanese wine and other premium liqueurs.

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