Asda Supper Club Embraces Mixed Culinary Heritage

London: Asda, to celebrate the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, recently organised the Asda Supper Club with hosts Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin. The event was held to share global flavours and embrace a mixed culinary heritage.

Guests at the event included food bloggers, influencers and leading celebrities. They were greeted with welcome drinks followed by a delectable spread of savoury and sweet dishes. Parveen Ashraf from ‘Parveen’s Indian Cooking, ITV’ also attended the event. Whether it was the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Malaysian or oriental, the Supper Club highlighted that Asda can make Ramadan dishes as special as they would be back home.

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Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin presented an array of dishes, ingredients of which were sourced from Asda. A 13-item spread was displayed over four courses including two rounds of entrees, one round of mains and lavish desserts. A number of dishes represented the subtle flavours of the Middle East, while others had a fiery zing from South East Asia.

Asda, this year, has brought different foods and cultures together in the UK to celebrate global flavours of Ramadan. The event encouraged people to experiment and explore cooking outside of their comfort zone.

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