Handshake over Dinesh Gupta Biopic?

RBN Web Desk: After filmmakers Anjan Dutt and Arindam Sil shook hands and agreed not to tread the warring path regarding continuing the Byomkesh Bakshi franchise, another handshake seems to have taken place over the Dinesh Gupta biopic.

Not so long ago, Tollygunge was abuzz with hearsay that director Aniket Chattopadhyay was planning a film on legendary Indian revolutionaries Benoy Krishna Basu, Badal Gupta, and Dinesh Chandra Gupta. The trio, dressed as Europeans, had entered Writers’ Building in Kolkata (then Calcutta) on 8 December 1930 and shot dead the inspector general of prisons NS Simpson point blank. Simpson had earned notoriety for his brutal oppression of freedom fighters and other prisoners in his jails. In the ensuing gunfight, the three were soon overpowered by the British police. Benoy and Dinesh shot themselves while Badal took potassium cyanide to evade arrest.


Aniket’s film was supposed to be one of the projects in the five-film contract that he has with Dev’s production company. Dev was reported to be playing Dinesh’s role in the film.

Later, director Manas Mukul Paul, who made the national award winning film Sahaj Paather Gappo, announced a biopic on Dinesh Gupta.

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According to industry sources, being an independent filmmaker and aware of the fate of such projects at the box office, Manas has now reportedly met Dev for an amicable settlement. Observers say, Dev may ask Aniket to back out of the project and rope in Manas as the director, while himself retaining the title role in the biopic.

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