Shreya Ghoshal Goes Missing from Padmaavat

RBN Web Desk: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Padmaavat seems to be courting every possible controversy. In the latest, a song rendered by Shreya Ghoshal, has reportedly been deleted from the film’s final cut.

It was earlier decided that Shreya Ghoshal would sing three songs in the film. However, the online jukebox of Padmaavat included only one song of the popular playback singer. That song too, according to sources, has now been dropped from the film.

The decision to drop the song has irked the singer’s fans and they vented their anger on social media. One fan suggested her to charge for every single song. Her voice, the fan said, was used by the production house to generate interest in the film. Now that the purpose has been served, it has been conveniently dropped, the fan said in a tweet.

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Shreya, on her part, has tried to pacify her irate fans. A film passes through several creative processes, and it’s nothing unnatural for a song to be deleted if the script changes, the singer said.  She, however, admitted that the decision was unfortunate.

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Padmaavat is slated for a pan-India release on 25 January.

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