Paran to Play a Gramaphone Music Aficionado in Koler Gaan

RBN Web Desk: Veteran actor Paran Bandopadhyay is all set to play a gramophone aficionado in director Pranab Mukherjee’s upcoming film Koler Gaan. Chaiti Ghoshal, Bhaskar Banerjee, Anuradha Roy, and Ashoke Kumar play other major roles in the film.

Paran plays 70-year old Chandrakanta Mukherjee, a Koler Gaan (gramophone music) addict. The instrument was gifted to Chandrakanta’s father Chunilal by a British officer before he left for England. Chandrakanta’s daughter-in-law Sumita (Chaiti), however, can’t stand the old man listening to gramophone records most of the time. She tries in vain to discourage him from following his passion. Heated arguments follow that disturbs peace in the house. The heartbroken septuagenarian leaves his home with his favourite Koler Gaan, and starts to live in friend Akhilesh’s house, who hails from a zamindar family.

50 Years of Chowringhee

One day, Gomes, an antique dealer, visits the Mukherjee home, and offers a ransom for Chandrakanta’s gramophone. Sumita, blinded by greed, goes all-out to return Chandrakanta to the house, and on the first opportunity, sells the instrument to Gomes despite strong opposition from her husband (Bhaskar). Hearing about the loss of his soulmate—the gramophone—Chandrakanta suffers a major heart attack.

The mahurat of Koler Gaan was held on 16 April. Pranab has also written the story, screenplay, and dialogues for the film.

Koler Gaan is likely to release later this year.

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