Mitra Cinema Not Sold, Clarifies Owner

RBN Web Desk: Contrary to what’s being said on the social media about Mitra cinema hall, its owner Dipen Mitra has clarified that he has not sold off the property. The theatre, once one of the most popular single screen cinema halls in north Kolkata, downed shutters on 31 March.

Dipen told the media, while the theatre has been shut down in the face of mounting losses, he is yet to decide on selling the property. He would be happy if anyone takes over the theatre and continue to exhibit films profitably. Rumours spread very fast these days, Dipen said, adding that no mall is coming in place of the theatre.

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The 88-year old theatre had a rich legacy of Bengali cinema with premieres of films from leading directors like Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen, and Tarun Majumdar held at the venue.

Dipen said that he had no plans to close the theatre. Otherwise he would not have spent a fortune in upgrading the sound system and the electric transformer recently. He would continue to maintain the property in his lifetime, Dipen added.

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