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With Eid around the corner, and the first one in two years where families can come together to celebrate, Asda would like to help you prepare a feast like never before to make it a celebration to remember. This year, Asda has collaborated with Salma from @SalmasRecipes, to help you prepare a wonderful meal for your Eid Daawat. At Asda we keep our customers at the heart of everything we do and you will find your trusted brands, the products you need for your everyday meals and special occasions all under one roof at great prices so you can spend more time with your family celebrating.

Before we dive right into the recipe inspiration, let’s learn a little more about @SalmasRecipes. When it comes to food, Salma is a natural! She considers cooking and curating recipes more of a passion, than just work. Through her Bangladeshi heritage, Salma uses traditional recipes and ingredients to create home cooked, comfort meals which do not fail to impress! Being a mother of four, Salma is also familiar with recipes which are loved by kids! Asda has everything that Salma and our customers need to create an Eid feast to remember. All the recipes are available on Asda’s website and the ingredients can be picked up in-store too.

Achari Boneless Chicken

You can’t go wrong with chicken being a winner at your Eid celebration! With Salma’s Achari Boneless Chicken, you are guaranteed loads of flavours with a touch of tradition. This dish has always been a hit at her dinner table, every time she has prepared it! This dish  tastes extra special with Rotis made with the 5kg EE Flour,now £6.00 at Asda

” The combination of intense flavours makes it a dish you just cannot resist. ”

Salma’s One-Pot Chana Pilau

Rice is a great accompaniment to most dishes, and sometimes even a hero dish on its own. This Eid, add some magic to your Pilau, with Salma’s traditional recipe and with 5 Kg Salaam rice, now only £5.50 at Asda.

“This dish takes traditional ingredients and transforms them into a harmonious, satisfying meal that has established itself as a staple within my culture”.

Quick & Easy Palak Aloo

Adding some freshness to your Eid menu, here is a simple yet delectable recipe which will accentuate the flavours of your Eid feast. With that in mind, Salma has curated the perfect side dish which will keep your guests happy!
“Saag Aloo, also known as spinach and potato, is a tasty side dish. It can also be eaten as a light meal with rice or naan bread. It’s quick to make and very a­ffordable.”

Time to start creating your shopping lists!
Asda want to make sure that you have everything you need to make this Eid memorable. No matter the size of your event, let Asda help you create a stress-free celebration, by providing you with everything you need under one roof! From Salam rice to KTC tomatoes, to chocolates, flour and more, shop our amazing discounts on selected brands!

Check out some of the offers Asda has for Eid this year.

  • 400g KTC Tomatoes now at 30p from 45p (5 for £1.50)
  • 400g KTC Red Kidney Beans now at 30p from 45p (5 for £1.50)
  • 1Kg SofraTunisian Dates now at £2.30
  • 225g Regal Popcorn now at £1 from £1.50
  • 3L KTC Blended Oil now at £5 from £7
  • 5Kg EE flour now at £6 from £ 7.50
  • 5Kg Salaam Rice now at £5.50 from £ 7.50
  • 157g of Terry Choc Orange now at £1
  • Pack of 24 (330 ml) CocaCola now at £11
  • 300g Ferrero Rocher Gift Box now at £6.50
  • 650g Celebrations Tub now at £4
  • Pack of 24 (330 ml) Rubicon Sparkling now at £6 from £7.50

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