9 Ramadan Sehri Food Ideas for the Holy Month

7. Scrambled Eggs with Frankfurters

Ramadan Sehri food

Give your Ramadan Sehri food a desi twist and try scrambled eggs sprinkled with a bit of cumin and paprika and served with some diced Frankfurters.

Main ingredients: Halal Frankfurters (340g for £0.75).

Health tip: Eggs are a good source of inexpensive, high quality protein.

8. Coconut Mango Lassi

Ramadan Sehri food

This unique and tasty lassi is a blend of coconut and mango, making it a refreshing start to the day. All you need is some yogurt, coconut water, and juice for a quick and thirst quenching drink.

Main ingredients: Yogurt (1kg for £1), coconut water (1L for £1.50),  and juice (4x1L for £3.50).

Health tip: The lassi keeps your body hydrated for long.

9. Date Granola

Ramadan Sehri food

This is a power-packed Ramadan Sehri food and perfect for those who are looking for something quick and light. All you need is honey, oats, and cinnamon, plus your choice of dates.

Main ingredient: Tunisian dates (200g for £0.50).

Health tip: Thirty grams of dates make up your one of five a day.

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