9 Ramadan Sehri Food Ideas for the Holy Month

Sehri, also often known as Sahūr, Suhūr or Suhoor is a predawn meal which is eaten before the fasting begins for the day. The food is to be taken before the fajr prayer. While a lot of importance is given to the Iftar meal, which usually ends the fast after sunset, it’s equally important to have a healthy Sehri to keep yourself energised for the entire day.

Nutritionist Radhika Howarth from Radikal Kitchen, along with Asda, gives some healthy Ramadan Sehri food ideas. It’s not always easy to wake up at dawn and decide what to eat. Asda, fortunately, has everything under one roof. With the holy month just round the corner, Asda has all the ingredients required to prepare a wholesome and delicious Ramadan Sehri food. The prices mentioned here are exclusive to Asda.

1. Masaledaar Paneer Crepes

Ramadan Sehri food

Carbohydrates provide energy but at times the paratha can taste boring. So why not forge a twist and try the masaledaar paneer crepes instead. It is the perfect food for family Sehris.

Main ingredients: Atta (10kgs for £4.50), paneer (226gm for £1.50), and spices (100gm paprika and whole jeera for £0.50).

Health tip: The atta grains and the protein in paneer help in maintaining the energy levels.

2. Dates Porridge

Ramadan Sehri food

Who said dates can be enjoyed only when breaking the fast? A combination of dates, oatmeal and dry fruits makes a wholesome Ramadan Sehri food. The best part is that it only takes around five minutes to prepare this power-packed breakfast. Just warm a bowlful of oats and milk, and mix it with chopped dates and a handful of a few other dried fruits.

Main ingredients: Dates (450gm for £2.60) or Tunisian date (200g for £0.50).

Health tip: Oats contain a fibre called beta-glucan that are said to help lower blood cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.

3. Aloo and Dal Tikki

Ramadan Sehri food

Here is a new take on aloo tikkis with a mixture of dal to add plant-based protein. Use white potatoes, coriander, and chana dal to make this delicious Ramadan Sehri food. Use cumin powder, garam masala and a few drops of lemon to make it tastier.

Main ingredients: White potatoes (12.5kg for £2.50), coriander (one bunch £0.75), chana dal (1.75kg for £2.50).

Health tip: This is the perfect meal with lentils that provide plant-based proteins.

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