Poster Out for First Treasure Hunt Film this Summer

The Bengali audience loves thrillers, and directors have now branched out from murder mysteries and adventure stories to other sub-genres. Director Sayantan Ghosal who impressed the audience with his 2017 film Jawker Dhan, is back with his a treasure hunt film, Alinagarer Golokdhanda.

The film’s first poster was released on Twitter today by the production house.

Alinagarer Golokdhanda has Parno Mittra and Anirban Bhattacharya in lead roles, along with Kaushik Sen, Pujarini Ghosh, and Goutam Ghosal.

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The film follows the adventure of two youths who hunt for a buried treasure in Kolkata, the clues to which are hidden in the history of the city’s past.  They bump into a gang of ruthless antique dealers who can do anything to grab the bounty.


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