New DOP for Srijit Mukherji Film

RBN Web Desk: Ek Je Chhilo Raja, the Srijit Mukherji film slated to release during Puja this year, is having more than its fair share of hurdles. The film, inspired by the famous Bhawal case, is produced by SVF and is Srijit’s dream project.

First there were casting problems where Priyanka Sarkar was supposed to play a courtesan in the film. She walked out of the project as the role was not meaty enough and the actress is more interested in films that give her more screen time.

Tonushree Chakraborty was roped in her place.  But she too quit the film, reportedly on objections from her beau, Rajkumar Gupta. Tonushree was supposed to show her bare back in one of the scenes and that did not go down too well with Rajkumar.

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The scene, according to sources, was mentioned in the contract that Tonushree signed with the production house.

Danseuse Tanusree Shankar’s daughter, Sreenanda, has now been cast for the role.

But reports have come in that director of photography (DOP) Soumik Haldar, is not canning the Srijit Mukherji film, since he could not allot dates. Soumik has been the DOP in most of Srijit’s films. He was replaced with Subhankar Bhar. He too quit the project as production was delayed by more than 10 days and Subhankar had other commitments to meet.

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It is now being heard that Gairik Sarkar will shoot Ek Je Chhilo Raja. Gairik was the DOP of Ribhu Dasgupta’s Te3N, and Pratim D Gupta’s Saheb Bibi Golaam. Both films released in 2016.

Hope there are no further hurdles for Srijit and team.

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