Asda Offers New Diwali Range

Diwali is just round the corner and in the UK, the fervour is no less than back in India. Houses are decorated with candles, flowers and incense, traditional food is cooked and close friends are invited to celebrate the event in the true spirit of togetherness. The feeling of being with family and friends emits positive vibe during Diwali.



Sweets like coconut barfi and gulab jamun, and savoury snacks like mathis and samosas are made in the home from fresh ingredients. Diwali festivities in the UK, like back in India, are incomplete without homemade delicacies.

gulab jamun

Keeping that in mind, Asda’s new Diwali range is all set to help you with your celebrations. Whether traditional or infused with a British touch, Asda is right there to tickle your taste buds.  So, if you are planning one of those lavish party platters, putting your festive menu together, or decorating your home, Asda’s Diwali range is here to partner you through every occasion.



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