Is Nusrat Jahan Married?

RBN Web Desk: In a news that is likely to cause heartbreaks among thousands of her fans, popular actress Nusrat Jahan, has reportedly been married for quite some time now. According to sources, the actress exchanged wedding vows with beau Victor Ghosh some years back. The two, however, prefer to introduce each others as live-in partners.

Nusrat made her Bengali film debut with Shotru in 2011. It was directed by Raj Chakraborty. She has since emerged as one of the top stars in the Bengali film industry and has worked with leading directors like Arindam Sil, Srijit Mukherjee, and Birsa Dasgupta.

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She met Victor on a trip abroad and they now live in a posh Ballygunge neighbourhood.

The 28-year old actress doesn’t openly admit to her marriage because of professional reasons, a leading English new portal quoted a source as having said. Most of her close friends know about the marriage and the actress even has Victor’s name tattooed on her chest. Victor encourages Nusrat regarding her film choices, while she supports the Jamsehdpur-born restaurateur in his business.

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When the news portal quizzed Nusrat Jahan about her marriage, the actress denied it, admitting that she and Victor are engaged and are likely to marry soon. It will be a seven-day ceremony with all the rituals, she said, adding that the entire city will get to know about it as and when the time comes.

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