Bird Photography Exhibition at Rabindra Sarobar

Kolkata: The Lions Safari Park along with the Biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar group, is organising a photographic exhibition of rare and fairly regular migratory birds that make the Dhaukria Lakes a pit stop before heading to Southeast Asia, and on their return journey back to the northern hemisphere.

Every winter the Dhakuria Lakes and the Safari Park attracts a plethora of migratory birds from places like Siberia and the Himalayan foothills, besides the local winter species.

Joydeep Das, senior member of the Biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar group told RBN, “Though the lake area is largely intended for morning walkers and children, certain parts have been left with canopy cover to facilitate the arrival of migratory birds. That aside, the park has ample vegetation and shrubs that attract these avian guests before the onset of the monsoon.”

From the Frying Pan to the Fridge

Bird photographer and wildlife enthusiast Dhruba Jyoti Chakraborty said, “The situation was not the same even a few years ago. Serious birding in the area started sometime in 2012 and attracted the attention of local birders.”

Chakraborty claimed that eminent bird photographers from beyond the city, including Bengaluru and Maharashtra, have been frequenting the patch of urban greenery in south Kolkata for several years now.

The exhibition will be inaugurated tomorrow and will be open for the public till 26 January.

Pic: Joydeep Das

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