Popular Television Actor Evicted from Home

RBN Web Desk: Popular television actor Saikat Das has been evicted from his home in Salt Lake along with his family and aged parents following a court order which, according to his claim, he had no knowledge of. The incident happened on 6 July.

Speaking to the media Saikat said, his father had bought the house as a leasehold property from its earlier owner and have been staying there since the last 26 years. At around 11am on 6 July, a police team along with a lawyer and a court official arrived at their home near City Centre, and informed them that the house belonged to the second wife of the previous owner. The woman had filed an eviction suit against the actor and his family in 2016. The police told him that he didn’t respond to the court summons in this regard, and they now have to vacate the house within two hours, Saikat alleged.

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The actor claimed that he contacted the local councillor who said nothing can be done since the matter is sub-judice. Even his neighbours, Saikat said, were not by his side when they were being evicted from the house.


Saikat, in a social media post on 8 July, alleged of a conspiracy behind the eviction. The actor said, he has full faith in the law, and expressed determination to carry on the legal battle. Saikat thanked his colleagues in the entertainment industry, where has worked for nearly a decade, for their support.

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But the entire incident has upset his parents, Saikat said, adding that he had brought his mother home from hospital a few days back. She has fallen ill again and his son is still traumatised. That aside, several valuable items, important papers, and jewellery have since gone missing because of the sudden eviction. Saikat claimed, they have all the necessary docuemnts to prove the ownership of the flat, and will now move court against the eviction.

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