Silajit Seeks Police Protection for Antenna

RBN Web Desk: Actor-singer Silajit Majumder has sought police protection for his house named Antenna, accusing its owner Amar Chakraborty of trespassing. In a written complain before the police, Silajit has alleged that Chakraborty and one of his friends forcibly entered the house and roughed him up. Police, based on the complain, has filed a case against the two accused.

Chakraborty, however, said that he is the owner of the house which has been let out to Silajit. He alleged that Silajit was reportedly carrying out some repair work on the roof without informing him. Being the owner, he went to inspect the work, when Silajit prevented him from entering the premises. Chakraborty claimed that he has filed a written complaint at Panchasayer police station in south Kolkata.

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According to sources, Silajit stays in the house at Panchasayer, which is also his practice pad. He is involved in a legal tussle with the owner for a few years now. In his complain, the reality TV show contestant stated that Chakraborty visited the house on 4 July with his friend, who claimed to be an Army officer. They tried to forcibly enter the house. Trouble started when Silajit objected which led to a scuffle. The singer told the media that he has been receiving threats from Chakraborty since the past few days. There are several dogs in his house, and Chakraborty and his friend beat some of them. The singer alleged that Chakraborty even threatened to kill him.


Chakraborty told the police that the Panchasayer house is owned by his father-in-law and he has the power of attorney in this regard. There are at least nine dogs in the house and all of them started barking seeing him and his friend. Chakraborty claimed to the police that his friend is a heart patient. When he tried to move one of the dogs aside to enter the house, Silajit emerged and threatened him with dire consequences, Chakraborty said.

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Police soon arrived at the spot and brought the situation under control.

The singer’s legal counsel Anirban Guha Thakurta told the media that the house owner had earlier lost a criminal case against his client. A civil case is now sub-judice. There is doubt on whether Chakraborty’s friend Rano Mitra is at all an Army officer as claimed, Anirban said, adding that they will move court over the matter.


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