Now a Film on the Blue Whale Suicide Game

RBN Web Desk: Directors Anirban Guha and Avi Bandyopadhyay are all set to make a short film on the infamous online Blue Whale suicide game. The duo will show how the game is having a psychological impact on children’s mind and the society at large. According to industry sources, the team has completed shooting the film and is about to begin the post-production work.

Satrajit Sarkar and Darashana Banik are playing the lead in the film.

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The directors are confident that the film will make people aware of the deadly impact the game has on the players.

Several suicides, in recent times, were reported from across India and abroad and all these deaths were attributed to the Blue Whale game. Philipp Budeikin, the 22-year old developer of the game, has been handed a three-year jail term for encouraging Russian youth to take their own lives. The game app has since been removed downloadable playlists.

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