Last Supriya Devi Film Finds No Takers

RBN Web Desk: Danga-The Riot, the last Supriya Devi film to have the legendary actress in a key role, is finding no takers in West Bengal. The film is directed by Milan Bhowmik and is also slated to release as 1946 The Calcutta Killings elsewhere in India.

The film had earlier faced censorship hurdles with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) raising objections to certain parts in the narrative. Bhowmik moved the Calcutta High Court to get a clearance. The film was finally cleared by the CBFC appellate tribunal.

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Bhowmik alleged to the media that even after legitimate booking of several halls across the state, shows were cancelled at the last moment, without informing him. Hall owners are frightened to show the film, fearing a crackdown from local toughs, he added.

The film reportedly narrates the incidents leading up to the Great Calcutta Killings in 1946, and the aftermath, following the declaration of independence. Widespread communal riots broke out in the city in the wee hours of 16 August and continued for the next six days, until Bengal was put under Viceroy Rule.

Former Film and Television Institute of India chairman Gajendra Chauhan plays barrister and academician Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in the film.

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In a nearly six-decade long career, Supriya Devi was one of the most prominent film personalities in Bengal, having worked with almost all top directors. She passed away on 26 January this year.

Danga-The Riot was supposed to release today.

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