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Get EID Ready With ASDA!

With Eid around the corner, and the first one in two years where families can come together to celebrate, Asda ...
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Asda donates £100,000 to FareShare to support charities and faith groups throughout Ramadan

Asda alongside its suppliers has announced that it will be donating £100,000 to FareShare to support charities and faith groups ...
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প্রকাশিত হলো কাজী নজরুল ইসলামের প্রেমের কবিতার আবৃত্তি সংকলন ‘প্রেমিক নজরুল’

কলকাতা: গত ২১শে মার্চ  'বিশ্ব কবিতা দিবস' উপলক্ষে রাজারহাট নজরুলতীর্থের 'নিউটাউন লাইব্রেরি'-তে ছায়ানট (কলকাতা) আয়োজন করেছিল কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম বিষয়ক ...
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Together for Ramadan

Ramadan is going to be particularly special this year, as people around the country prepare to celebrate, breaking their fasts ...
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Sadhguru on 100-day motorbike mission to save soil

London : One of India’s best-known spiritual leaders is embarking on a 100-day motorbike journey from London to India to ...
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Have a Ramadan to Remember with ASDA

This year, Asda are preparing to celebrate their biggest Ramadan yet with more great deals, more of your favourite products, ...
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ICICI Bank UK PLC to facilitate home loans in India for Indian diaspora based in the UK

ICICI Bank UK PLC is now facilitating home loans in India throughits parent, ICICI Bank Ltd India (ICICI Bank), for ...
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Introducing ‘Super-App’ Ribbon

Ribbon PLC has announced the upcoming launch of their digital financial services ‘super-app’, intended to offer hyper-personalized multi-currency wallets to ...
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DLA Piper

DLA Piper Hosts Diwali Dinner with West Midlands

RBN Web Desk: Global law firm DLA Piper, on 17 November, hosted a sumptuous Diwali celebration dinner in their landmark ...
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Radhika Howarth

Radhika Howarth Creates Asda Diwali Fiesta Special Tasting Menu

Diwali was an important time for families all over the country as they celebrated the festival of lights with fireworks, ...
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Dabur Brings Ghee Farm and Cookery Theatre to Trafalgar Square

RBN Web Desk: Diwali on the Square marked the onset of London’s Diwali celebrations last Saturday, on the 23 October 2021 ...
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বাংলায় পা রাখল জোশ, সঙ্গী এসভিএফ

কলকাতা: বাংলা ছবির অন্যতম প্রধান প্রযোজনা সংস্থা এসভিএফ-এর হাত ধরে আনুষ্ঠানিকভাবে পথ চলা শুরু করল জোশ বাংলা অ্যাপ। আজ শহরে ...
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ASDA Offers More for this Diwali than Ever

RBN Web Desk: As the time to start preparing for your Diwali celebrations approaches, ASDA is there for you with ...
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Rajah Spices: Empowering Women in India

RBN Web Desk: Rajah Spices, UK’s leading authentic spice brand, has announced a new partnership to empower women farmers in ...
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ASDA Readies Aisles for Eid

RBN Web Desk: It’s time once more to say goodbye to the season of fasting and prepare for the days ...
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Living is Giving Campaign

Living is Giving Campaign Grows Stronger

RBN Web Desk: The Morrisons Living is Giving campaign has been going strong this Ramadan to bring to life the spirit ...
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Creek Club

The Creek Club Launches ‘Boating Unplugged’ with Actor Vikram

Kolkata: The Creek Club, Joka, recently launched its boating facility ‘Boating Unplugged’ in presence of actor Vikram Chatterjee. A unique, ...
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ASDA Donates £100k to FareShare Support for Ramadan

RBN Web Desk: Supermarket retailer ASDA has announced that during Ramadan it will be donating thousands of pounds to FareShare ...
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Ramadan Range

ASDA Introduces Bigger Ramadan Range

RBN Web Desk: Ramadan is just around the corner, and as always ASDA is here to help you prepare for ...
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চিকিৎসার জন্য

লিউকোমিয়া আক্রান্তের চিকিৎসার জন্য সাংস্কৃতিক অনুষ্ঠান

RBN Web Desk: সম্প্রতি কলকাতার জ্ঞানমঞ্চে অনুষ্ঠিত হলো অমৃতা সেনগুপ্ত ও অর্ণব দত্ত নিবেদিত এবং প্রয়াস গোষ্ঠীর আয়োজিত সঙ্গীত ও ...
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