Tapen Chatterjee

6 Lesser Known Films of Tapen Chatterjee

The world knows him as the humble village bumpkin in Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. Directed by Satyajit Ray, the 1969 ...
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Sonar Kella

From the Fridge to the Frying Pan

Filmmaker Satyajit Ray was known to meticulously plan his films before they went to the floors. His homework was exhaustive ...
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Sangeeta Datta

Funding was a Major Problem for Bird of Dusk: Sangeeta Datta

The first documentary on Rituparno Ghosh is all set to release soon. Before she hops onto a flight out of ...
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Satyajit Ray

Leading International Filmmakers and their Opinion on Ray’s Films

The legacy of filmmaker Satyajit Ray continues to grow even after more than 25 years since he breathed his last ...
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Bengali horror films

বাংলা ছবিতে ভূত

বাংলা ছবির ইতিহাসে ভৌতিক কাহিনীচিত্র খুব বেশি হয়নি। তবে খুব একটা কমও যে হয়েছে, তাও বলা যাবে না। সাধারণ কাহিনী ...
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