Audience Warns not to Stretch Devi Choudhurani

RBN Web Desk: Author Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devi Choudhurani is all set to premiere soon on a private television channel. The new serial’s promos are already being aired. But the audience, on the channel’s social media page, has requested the makers not to stretch the serial beyond what was originally written by Chattopadhyay.

Viewers have also suggested not to incorporate any change to the original story.

Devi Choudhurani

Directors often compress and delete parts of a text while adapting a novel on celluloid. But the reverse happens when a novel is being adapted for the small screen. A television serial doesn’t make profits unless it runs for at least one year. Writers often take the liberty to introduce subplots and fresh twists in order to run the serial for a longer time. This is often one of the biggest challenges faced by writers since the entire exercise is aimed at getting better TRPs and revenues.

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The Bengali audience, according to industry experts, is extremely possessive about the works of their literary masters, and any change in the original plot usually doesn’t go down well with them, particularly in case of television serials.


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