Anirban Blah Saved from Alleged Suicide Attempt

RBN Web Desk: Kwan Entertainment cofounder Anirban Blah was rescued in the wee hours today morning from an alleged suicide attempt by the traffic police in Mumbai. Kwan Entertainment is one of the biggest celebrity management agencies in India.

A senior police officer informed that around 12.30am they got information about a man walking towards the Vashi bridge in a probable attempt to commit suicide. They laid a trap in the dark to nab him. Anirban was seen climbing a barricade on the bridge, when traffic police officials caught him from behind, the officer added.

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According to the police, Anirban was crying, and appeared very depressed and frustrated. Anirban was taken to the nearest police outpost where he was offered water and inquired about his problems. He revealed that he was frustrated because of the recent allegations of sexual harassment raised against him. The board of directors of KWAN Entertainment, police said, had asked Anirban to step down following the allegations.

The police informed Anirban’s family and his wife came to take him. Anirban claimed that he was taking a walk on the bridge. Police has not charged him of attempted suicide.

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