Leading International Filmmakers and their Opinion on Ray’s Films

4. Martin Scorsese

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Widely known for his crime noir films, Martin Scorsese had once said, “The few interactions I had with Ray are memories I treasure.” The American screenwriter-director has been a self-confessed fan of two Indian legends, Ray and dancer Uday Shankar. Scorsese particularly liked Uday Shankar’s Kalpana (1948), which he said, was the first genuine dance film.

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5. Elia Kazan

Satyajit Ray

The director of all-time classics like A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and On the Waterfront (1954), Elia Kazan had said, “In Ray, I have noticed a complete filmmaker. He has mastered the art of scriptwriting, direction, editing and scoring music—which very few in the world can equal. If he were in Hollywood, he would have proved a tough challenge for all of us.” Like many of his peers, Ray’s films had a deep impact on his works. “The simplicity of Pather Panchali, the poignancy of Devi, and the aesthetics of Charulata haunt me as well as many other filmmakers of the West,” he added.

6. Alexander Payne

international filmmakers

The director of Descendents (2011) and Nebraska (2013), when asked about what inspires him, said, “I watch older films mostly. I recently saw The Music Room (1958) by Indian director Satyajit Ray. It is a jaw dropper, an unbelievable movie.” Payne’s films are noted for their satire and dark humour.

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